Welcome to Crete Retreats!

Give yourself the gift of stepping back from your busy life to spend time on YOU.

Fast pace modern daily rhythms with their high demand on our time and concentration create undeniably a void which our inner selves crave to nurture. To stay in contact with ones inner self where thoughts, emotions and behaviours can reflect the spontaneous and real You is a process of healing and rebalancing.

At Crete Retreats we highly value the nurturing effect that quality time in a tranquil and natural environment can offer. At the same time we believe that bringing together like-minded people and offering expert guidance can create a magical setting of inspiration.

We have selected one of the most beautiful and tranquil spots on the magical island of Crete to offer various theme retreats aiming at healing and rebalancing ourselves. The creation of settings, emotional as well as physical, where one may come in contact with one’s deeper self in a relaxed and supportive environment is our sole concern while composing our retreats.

Join us in one of our retreats and take the time for your personal journey.

Enjoy your time!!

Spend a unforgettable week with us at a magic place!!